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The Authoritative Kosher Dining Page was created to be a complement to the printed guide (sold in all bookstores). It is our means of bringing users of The Guide the latest, up-to-the-minute restaurant information, including restaurant closings, changes of hechsher, changes in hours of operation, etc., that occur throughout the year, right up to the publication of the next, annual edition of The Guide. For the entire comprehensive guide, you must buy the book.
Unlike the conveniently portable book, this web site has no space limitations that restrict our Restaurant Reviews to a few select and carefully chosen lines. Here we have the opportunity to present to you, in depth reviews of the restaurants and the food they serve. Stay tuned, new reviews will be added periodically. We also intend to bring you (on our own site) other articles related to food or dining that we feel will be of great interest to you.
The Restaurant Of The Month Club, is our newest brain child. It is a great way to acquaint like-minded people, who enjoy good food and other pleasures of life, the opportunity to sample the best kosher restaurants. We expect to be able to offer our readers great value for a "Fixed Price" and at the same time encourage the kosher restaurants to flourish and rise to increasingly greater culinary achievements. Check in frequently to see where we are dining next. We look forward to meeting and shmoozing with you.
We hope you can join us on our monthly excursions. If not, perhaps you just have something you'd like to say. Our Diners' Bulletin Board is designed to give you the opportunity to do just that! Drop us a line about how you like The Guide, whether you agree with our reviews, to relate your own restaurant experiences, t o comment on one of our articles, or just to say "hello." We'd love to hear your input and will try to address any questions promptly..
Our name says it all! We are truly The Authoritative Kosher Dining Guide! Everyday we are taking new steps to show you why! If you aren't already a fan, you will soon be one!

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